HAND GROUND BBM v2  Collab Preorder

Preorders start at Saturday 2/13 8pm Est

Base price per knife is $825 and the $200 deposit will be deducted from the final total. You will need to add up the total yourself based on the options you choose.


Rob Carter will be at my shop Mid February to start working on the Colab BBM v2 folders in house. TO BE CLEAR THIS LISTING IS FOR THE HAND GROUND VARIATION. WE DONT HAVE PICTURES AT THIS TIME FOR REFERENCE.


Please read through the descriptions on these pictures and my IG posts for more pictures and descriptions to reference finishes and options. ill do my best to answer as many emails as I can but I'm expecting a ton of questions so please do your own research prior before contacting me with questions. I do my best to describe each knife when I post them on IG.


Machining on these has already begun but the majority will be made when Rob Carter arrives from the end of February to the end of March . We will then be finishing the rest as time allows due to shipping.


Once at checkout please select the preorder shipping option so that it doesn't charge you shipping at checkout it'll still charge you handling though. the remainder and shipping will be collected upon completion. Orders will be filled in the order received or to our discretion.


Please look over and chose your options from the list below. copy and paste the guide below, then copy and paste the options you'd like. for a quick checkout I recommend doing this ahead of time for a speedy checkout. the fields with a * must be filled out. when the preorder goes live a text box will apear to paste this into. If you dont fill out the form and just write some gibrish to checkout fast your order will be voided. 


*Frame Milling-

*Frame Finish-

*Blade Finish-

*Hardware Option-

*Backspacer Options-

*Clip Options-

Pivot Collars (if any)-

Anodizeing note-

Additional notes-


BBM v2 Specifications 

Overall length- 7.1in

Blade length- 3.05in

Blade and frame thickness- 5/32in (.15625)

Blade steel- Nitro-V

In Collaboration With Robert Carter 


Frame Milling


-False liner (+$10)

-Large Chamfer (+$15)

-Large Chamfer / False liner (+$25) 

-Fractal ($35)

-3D Linear Contour  #1-2(+$60) (#1 Vertically - #2 Horizontally)

-3D Bevels #1-2 (+$65) (#1 Milled at angle - #2 Milled Linearly)

-3D Grid Contour (+$70)


Frame Finish

- Sandblasted (dark, heavily textured finish but prone to scratching)

- Sandblasted Stonewash

- Orangepeeled (+$25) 

- Matte Bead blasted (+$30) (Smoother and lighter in color. Less prone to scraching compared to sandblast)

- Cracked Ice (+$35) (polished tumble works best anodized)

- Hand Brushed Ash (+$60)

- Anodization (additional $20-40 depending on finish and colors)


Blade Finish

-Sandblasted Tumble
-Sandblasted Tumbled Satin Flats (+$25)
-Acidwashed (+$30)
-Acidwashed Satin Flats (+$55)

-Hand Brushed Ash (+$65)
-Satin Ground (+$65)


Hardware Option (specific Pattern # in notes last picture shows the hardware options)

- #1-5 Titanium hardware upgrade 

- #1-5 Titanium hardware upgrade anodized (+$5)

- #1-5 Titanium hardware upgrade Black Ti (+$10)

- #6 Blackout Zirc Pivot Hardware (+$35)

- #6 Oilslick Zirc Pivot Hardware (+$35)


Backspacer Options

- Matched to Frames 

- Anodized Titanium Backspacer (+$5)
- Matte Black Titanium Backspacer (+10)

- Copper Backspacer (+$55)

- Zirconium Backspacer Blackout (+$55)
- Zirconium Backspacer oilslick (+$55)

- Mokuti Backspacer (+$120)

- Zircuti Backspacer ($+140)


Clip Options
- Titanium Clip matching frame 
- Anodized Titanium Clip (+$5)
- Matte Black Titanium Clip (+15)
- Satin/Polished Zirconium Clip Blackout (+$80)
- Satin/Polished Zirconium Clip Oil Slick (+$80)

- Timascus/Mokuti Clip (+$160)

- Zircuti Clip (+$180)


Pivot Collars 1/2 diameter

- Copper Pivot collars (+$115)

- Anodized Titanium Pivot collars (+$115)

- Zirconium Pivot collars (+$130)

- Rob Machined plate Mokuti Collars (+$170)

- Rob Machined plate Zircuti Collars (+$190)


2 piece Sprocket Collars (Specify how you'd like the Ti bits anodized)

- 2pc Sprocket Collar  Ti ring / Ti gear (+$135)

- 2pc Sprocket Collar  Zirc ring / Ti gear (+$160) 

- 2pc Sprocket Collar  Ti ring / Zirc gear (+$160) 

- 2pc Sprocket Collar  Zirc ring / Zirc gear (+$180) 

- 2pc Sprocket Collar  Copper ring / Copper gear (+$135)

- 2pc Sprocket Collar  Zirc ring / Copper gear (+$160) 

- 2pc Sprocket Collar  Copper ring / Zirc gear (+$160) 

HAND GROUND BBM v2 Collab Preorder