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Timascus Strider SNG 3D Pocket Clip

Q is the last clip available


We all get board of our old knives so why not customize your production or custom strider with one of my custom fit 3D milled clips. These clips were designed To fit all the custom and production strider SNG models. THEY WONT FIT PRODUCTION SMF/PT AND DEEP CARRY CLIPPED STRIDERS THEY MAY FIT SOME CUSTOM SMF AND OTHER CUSTOMS DEPENING ON WHEN IT WAS MADE. They feature a built in locking stud to keep the clip from rotating


  • Clips may need to be slightly hand bent to make sure the clips touch the frame because each frame is slightly diffrent. Go slow so that you wont put a kink in the clip.
  • Each clip is guaranteed to fit every SNG model EXCEPT THE SMF/PT AND DEEP CARRY CLIPPED STRIDERS 



Timascus Strider SNG 3D Pocket Clip

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