Micro dashi

Custom designed from ground-up for a daily carry capacity, the EDC Kiridashi is easily carried and concealed nearly anywhere on your person. The construction is intentionally made as simple as possible, because the less parts there are, the stronger and less maintenance it requires.

The knife is made up of a full tang blade, Torx screws for easy adjustment, a single handle scale, and a custom Kydex sheath. The 1" chisel ground tanto blade is made from O-1 tool steel with a black distressed finish for extra wear resistance. The handle is a single piece of milled G10 which is both lightweight and durable.


O-1 Tool Steel 63-64HRC
Distressed Finish (Hues Of Black, Bronze, Purple, Blue, tumbled)
3in Overall Lenght Without Sheath

1/4" Overall Thickness
1" Cutting Edge
Kydex Sheath
G10 Handle

Micro dashi