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Knife Assembly Tray

iv been making and using these trays for my own knives for the last 7 years because i couldn't find anything on the market that would hold everything i needed without scratching the vital parts but still take up minimal table space. I"ve been asked by many makers over the years were i got them from but ultimately let them down because it was something i made myself. iv been needed to make more for myself so i decided to make extras for anyone else who might need such a tray for knifemaking or general knife maintenance. curranty i like having them in hi-vis colors because its easier to find the trays as they move constantly move around my shop as i go through the process of building a folder. I can make them in a custom color if requested for order quantity 12+.


Clear Plastic Dump Bin included for the small bits 


I Keep quite a few on hand but in the case of low inventory please allow 3-5 business days for me to make more.


Bulk Discounts Avaliable in drop down options

$30 for 1 

$25 Each for 3

$21.66 Each for 6



Length- 8.3"

Width- 2.51"

Height- .74"

Slot Length- 5"

Slot Width- .3125" (5/16)

Knife Assembly Tray

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