For our next collaborative effort, myself and Robert have decided to implement and test a new process for this project. We are calling it the MK1-RC variant, they"ll start at $750 and the $65

deposit will be deducted from the final price. This time around we're trying something different unlike the bbm which i completely redesigned from roberts original model for the colab we decided to keep it simple due to time constraints. The Mk1-Rc is identical to my Mk1-s except for the blade shape which is inspired by roberts F16 variant blade but in a smaller package. If this colab process works for us look forward to more Brolab projects throughout 2019-2020 from both of us. 


We are currently working on the Mk1-Rc variants now and they should start shipping out towards the end of July. all remaining knives that aren't finished during his trip at my shop will be made in a timely manner after he gets settled back in TX.



3.25in Hand Ground Blade (grinds in renderings are for refrence)

- 7.375in Overall Lenght

- 5/32 (.156) thick Nitro-V steel at 62hrc

- 5/32 (.156) thick titanium framelock

- Ceramic detent 

- Stainless steel/ ceramic bearing bushing


Frame Option


-Chamfer Prismic Grid (+$25)

-Chamfer Prismic Grid 2 toned ano (+$45)  

-False liner lock (+$25)

-False liner lock 2 toned ano (+$45)

-Maker Choice Sculpted Bevels (+$35) 

-3D Milled Countour (+$65)


Blade Finish

-Sandblasted Tumble
-Sandblasted Tumbled Satin Flats (+$25)
-Acidwashed (+$25)
-Acidwashed Satin Flats (+$50)
-Satin Ground (+$65)

-Hand Rubbed Satin (+$250)


Frame Finish

- Sandblasted

- Sandblasted Ano (+$20)

- Sandblasted Stonewash

- Sandblasted Stonewash Ano (+$20)

- Satin Matte Blasted (lighter in color and less prone to scraching compared to sandblast) (+$25)

- Satin Matte Blasted Ano (+$45)

- Orangepeeled (+$25) 

- Orangepeeled Ano (+$45) 


Hardware Option (specific Pattern # in notes)

- #1 Raw Steel 

- #1 Steel Sandblasted (+$5)

- #2-5 Titanium hardware upgrade (+$20)  

- #2-5 Titanium hardware upgrade anodized (+$25)

- #6 Blackout Zirc Pivot Hardware (+$50)

- #6 Oilslick Zirc Pivot Hardware (+$50)


Backspacer Options

- Matched to Frames 

- Anodized Titanium Backspacer (+$5)
- Matte Black Titanium Backspacer (+10)
- Zirconium Backspacer Blackout (+$70)
- Zirconium Backspacer oilslick (+$70)

- Timascus Mosaic Backspacer (+$140) (THE GOOD SHIT)


Clip Options
- Titanium Clip matching frame 
- Anodized Titanium Clip (+$5)
- Matte Black Titanium Clip (+10)
- Satin/Polished Zirconium Clip Blackout (+$90)
- Satin/Polished Zirconium Clip Oil Slick (+$90)

- Timascus/Mokuti Clip (+$160)


Pivot Collars 1/2 diameter

- Copper Pivot collars (+$100)

- Anodized Titanium Pivot collars (+$100)

- Zirconium Pivot collars (+$140)

- Mokuti Collars(+180)




Mk1-Rc Variant Preorder

  • Please look over and chose your options from the list. Take note of your added up total because it doesnt add it for you from the $750 base price. You are only paying for a $65 deposit today, Once at checkout please select the preorder shipping option so that it dosent charge you shipping at chechout. the remainder and shipping  will be collected upon completion. Orders will be filled in the order recieved.

    Trying something diffrent this time because everyone rushed through last time

    copy and paste the guide below, then copy and paste the options youd like. for a quick checkout i recommend doing this ahead of time for a speedy checkout. the fields with a * must be filled out.
    when the preorder goes live at 9pm est a manditory text box will pop up above.

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