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Radius Hand Sanding Blocks For Hollow Grinds

These aluminum blocks mimic your hollow grinding wheel daimeter for hand sanding. The blocks Are 3.5" by 1" inch wide and are designed for 1" x 5.75" to use the o-ring clamp to hold the sandpaper. The block are made .01 undersize for best fit.


If theres a size you need just send me a message i can add it into the next batch.


How I Use These

I finish the blades on the grinder one grit higher then i start hand sanding to save time. my wheel is a custom 6.75" diameter so i use a 6.75 block along side a 6" block. I recommend geeting a size smaller aswell because of the variation in diameter from belt to belt aswell as the occational dishing of the grind described in the disclamer. The block is designed for 1" strips but i also cut some wider strips aswell that wrap around the edges.



USPS First-Class is only allowed for up to 2 blocks. 

USPS Priority is for 3 and over or less if you want quicker shipping.



i cant guarantee the quality of your wheel to hold its diameter tolerance. Nor can i predict how you grind your blades, for example if your finishing with a dull higher grit belt it tends to dish out your grind when applying greater pressure then the speed the belt removes metal. 







Radius Hand Sanding Blocks For Hollow Grinds

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