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Ragnarok V1 No Collars Preorder

Preorders start on Friday 10/27 6pm EST


The base price per knife is $740 and the $100 deposit will be deducted from the final total. You will need to add up the total yourself based on the options you choose. Please allow a $10-40 allowance for maker's choice liberties 


Please read through the descriptions on these pictures and my IG posts for more pictures and descriptions to reference finishes and options. I'll do my best to answer as many emails as possible, but I'm expecting a ton of questions, so please do your own research before contacting me with questions. I do my best to describe each knife when I post them on IG.


Deposits aren't refundable in the first 2 months since these knives are already at the lock and detent stage and just need finishes applied so orders will be complete within 2 months. If your order takes longer than 2 months a refund may be issued by request.


This preorder is different from the past ones because the knives are already at the finish stage, so there aren't an infinite amount of handles available. Because inventory varies on each handle pattern they may sell out before you make your selection. If the option is grayed out on the drop-down box that means it's sold out, which is why it won't let you make the selection so please have a backup option.


you may choose whatever shipping option you'd like to use during the time of preorder so it stays with your order.


Please look over and choose your options from the list below. copy and paste the guide below, then copy and paste the options you'd like. for a quick checkout, I recommend doing this ahead of time for a speedy checkout. the fields with a * must be filled out. when the preorder goes live a text box will appear to paste this into. Please do not skip this step as it'll move your order to the back of the list and a refund will not be issued if I cannot reach you to make it in a timely manner within the 2 months. 


*Frame Finish-

*Blade Finish-

*Frame Milling Option-

*Clip Options-

*Backspacer Options-

*Hardware Option-

Anodizing note-

Additional notes-


Ragnarok Specifications 

Overall length- 7.5in

Blade length- 3.3in

Blade thickness- .155in

Frame thickness- .150in

Blade steel- Nitro-V


Frame Finish

- Sandblasted (dark, heavily textured finish but prone to scratching)

- Sandblasted Stonewash (a tumbled finish that hides scratches well)

- Cracked Ice (+$35) (a polished tumble works best anodized and hides scratches well)

- Zirblast (+$40) (a silver finish that resembles a micro orange peel and hides scratches well)

- Gunmetal Gray ($50) (very dark and smooth finish. *no satin flats) 

- Hand Brushed Ash (+$75) (a dark hand brushed finish)

(Add-on services can be added to the finishes above)

- Satin Flats (additional $25-40 depending on frame and finish)

- Anodization (additional $20-50 depending on finish and colors)


Blade Finish

-Sandblasted Tumble
-Sandblasted Tumbled Satin Flats (+$25)
-Acid washed (+$30)
-Acid washed Satin Flats (+$55)

-Gunmetal Gray (+$50) (no satin Flats)

-Hand Brushed Ash (+$80) (no satin Flats)


Frame Milling Option


-False liner (+$10)

-Large Chamfer (+$15)

-Fractal (+$35)

-Array (+$35)

-Solar Flare (+$40)

-3D Zipper/Chevron Contour (+$70)

-3D Grid Contour (+$80)


Clip Options
- Titanium Clip matching frame (+$0-15 depending on matching)
- Anodized Titanium Clip (+$5)
- Matte Black Titanium Clip (+15)
- Satin Zirconium Clip Blackout (+$75)
- Satin Zirconium Clip Oil Slick (+$75)

- Satin Timascus Clip (+$150)

- Satin Zircuti Clip (+$180)


Backspacer Options

- Matched to Frames (+$0-15 depending on matching)

- Anodized Titanium Backspacer (+$5)
- Matte Black Titanium Backspacer (+15)

- Copper Backspacer (+$50)

- Satin Zirconium Backspacer Blackout (+$55)
- Satin Zirconium Backspacer Oilslick (+$55)

- Satin Custom Titanium Damascus Backspacer (+$110)

- Satin Custom Zirc/Titanium Damascus Backspacer ($+135)


Hardware Option (specific Pattern # in notes last picture shows the hardware options)

- #2-5 Titanium hardware silver 

- #2-5 Titanium hardware matched to frame ((+$5-10)

- #2-5 Titanium hardware anodized (+$5)

- #2-5 Titanium hardware matte Black Ti (+$15)

- #6 Blackout Zirc Pivot Hardware (+$40)

- #6 Oilslick Zirc Pivot Hardware (+$40)

Ragnarok V1 No Collars Preorder

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