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Spiked Grapnel

This knuckle project dubbed "The Grapnel" was spear headed by years of research and even more development in collaboration with the Brothers of the Iron Fist on Instagram (#BOTIF), the result is a perfectly sculpted grip to fit any hand. After numerous prototypes were refined and tested to what we believe is the greatest current knuckle design with the best ergonomics. The Grapnel is machined from a solid billet of T6-6061 aluminum to make a refined collector piece that will operate to the fullest if ever needed. 

The finger stalls feature a tapered radius for premium grip and all hot spots have been worked over through the prototype phase, the center is pocketed to allow for maximum comfort while in hand. The edges of the palm contact were also cut to double as bottle openers and the crown is available in a variety of different patterns including the fully spiked ridge or a fresh take on the classic "Flat Top" we call the "Horned" version. Featuring premium type 2 anodizing to offer great looks and a durable finish. The Grapnel was designed to look good but function at the top of the list as we strived to build the best knuck on the market today that will be a great addition to any collection.


Weight- 4.3oz

Thickness- 1/2
Height- 2.75

Width- 4.625

Material- T6-6061 Billet Aluminum

Spiked Grapnel

Anodize color
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