The SAFE Key

The SAFE (Safely Away From Everything) key was built to be purpouse driven with no extra unneeded frills


In the past month the world has shifted in ways no one could have predicted and in response to that our lives have become even more germ conscience then ever. The SAFE Key seeks to help crack part of that by giving first responders and everyone a tool to manage the way they interact with the world around them, based on two simple concepts-create a barrier with the things you need to touch and incorporate another needed tool requested by medical professionals, an Oxygen tank wrench.



We are located in the center of the current pandemic inside the United States, New York City. Working with respected and experienced manufacturing partners here and in New Jersey we are working to get the SAFE Key into the hands of those who need it as soon as possible. In order to hold the line against the spread of germs we all need to be vigilant about hygiene and cleanliness in addition to washing your hands regularly the SAFE Key can help create a barrier between yourself and the things you need to touch. 



The SAFE Key will be available in 3 naturally and scientifically proven antimicrobial materials, copper, brass, and titanium. Each material has its own specific benefits and we realize people will want to choose based on the situation and requirements. Copper is naturally the most antimicrobial material so germs and bacteria will not adhere well to the metal, unfortunately its softer and more prone to wear when compared to brass. Brass is made up of 60% Copper and 40% Zinc alloys making it 25% stronger and less likely to wear compared to pure copper. 

The SAFE Key